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slap that kid upside his head!

 i feel like i'm getting better at my job. and that's boosting my confidence more and making me want to work. i'm excited that i'm working in such a supportive environment. all the ladies i work with are super-cool and nice. i've never had a job where the people were nice to me. at least i don't feel like they are only being nice to my face. i don't mind going in at 2pm anymore either. it's a little harder when i have to substitute though, because that means i have to be there from 8:30am to 6pm. it's hard getting used to that. but i've done it everytime i've been asked, thus increasing my paycheck and increasing my employers' trust in me. double whammy. and on top of it all, the kids are so cute. even if they are little devils sometimes. they are only 3 and 4 years old, so you can't really blame them. they don't know any better. some days they can be so sweet, and other days i'm glad when their parents come and get them. all in all, i like my job and i'm glad it's the job i have now. it's been good for me, even if i have complained about it a bit.

also, today was a holiday, so no work for me! happy rosh hashana everyone! what did i do to celebrate? my aunt took me to get my very first manicure. weird. i felt really strange even going into a nail salon because i would never normally do that, but i have to say that my french manicure looks rather nice. they did a good job. maybe next time i will try a pedicure. (although the thought of some strange lady rubbing my feet and legs makes me cringe.) ha!
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