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It's raining!!!

finally, after months of dryness, it decides to rain. it started yesterday. i'm super excited! i hope this brings cold weather to us. 

i'm home alone today. no work for me. school is out on account of teacher conferences. tony is at work now, and so is my uncle. my aunt left for a dog show yesterday with her two greater swiss mountain dogs. she's going to show darby this time. hopefully they will win something. my uncle is leaving tomorrow morning to visit his family. so that means tony and i will have the house to ourselves this weekend. and we won't have to take care of dogs, either. 

as the weeks wear on, i'm just ready for christmas to be here. i'm ready for my two week break from work, and i'm ready to go home.  sometimes when i drive to work, i think about people i know and imagine that i see them passing me on the road. i miss having familiar faces around me. it's so hard to make friends when you don't know anybody in town. 

today i need to go to the grocery store. and maybe look for some good ideas for christmas presents. i want to buy a tape recorder. but maybe that's just because i'm reading "Visions of Cody". oh well, i can at least see how much they are.
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