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you're just too scary.

i'm just scared all the time. i had a dream that a crazy killer man was chasing me and tony all around this crowded mall and parking lot. and we were just trying to hide in a sea of faces so he couldn't find us. i kept saying we have to run! we have to make a break for it. but every time i wanted to run, there weren't any people to hide us and we could have been easily spotted. this guy was tricky...he was everywhere.

now i have to go to the doctor, and i'm scared. i don't like to go to doctors. i don't like to sit alone in a waiting room full of people who look at you. and then when they call your name, you have to walk across that room with everyone looking at you. then you have to tell a doctor what's wrong with you and it makes me feel like i'm complaining about stupid shit. and then you have to pay the doctor a lot of money. and i don't have a lot of money. i don't want this to cost me too much. i'm afraid it will.
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