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so i don't think i ever mentioned that i'm taking meds now for my anxiety problems. i can tell a difference in my daily life. i don't have as many panic attacks, and i'm not crying over everything anymore. on the down side, i feel like a zombie most of the time. like i don't have feelings anymore. i just exist. i don't get super happy or super sad or super excited. i live somewhere in the middle now. it's ok for the moment. it's just what i need to get me through this transitional period. but i foresee a day when i won't take these anymore. and i'll have real feelings again. i'll actually be alive.

i'm hoping tony and i can go on a nice little trip to the coast for thanksgiving. my aunt and uncle reserved some place out there and now can't go, so they offered the trip to us instead. hopefully it will be as good as it sounds. i love thanksgiving.
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