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holidays are over

we had a really good xmas break. went to the lake and stayed with my family for a few days. got lots of nice a 26 inch HDTV!! then spent a couple days catching up with friends in cleveland. going home is always bittersweet for me now. i love my family and my friends and the flat, delta land. i get really sad when i have to leave it all again. but my allergies tell me that i could never ever live there again! tony and i spent the entire holiday being sick as dogs. sinus congestion, headaches, coughing, allergies, and mucus like crazy! love the delta, hate the allergens.

new years was good too. stayed home and drank margaritas all night. new year's resolution: i'm going veg! that's right. no more meat for me. (although i had to be honest with tony and say i might have to cheat when it comes to red lobster. i love seafood!) so wish me luck! no more hamburgers....
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