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home alone insurance (always read the fine print)

i'm sick so i stayed home today. there must be some weird kind of virus going around that causes people to get migraines because i've had one for 3 days now, and my aunt said she did too. i just feel like shit today. i couldn't focus on anything yesterday. i hope it goes away soon. i feel it in my teeth.

my mom called at 10:00 last night to say they were evacuating their house because all of greenville was flooding. they had about 4 inches of water in the living area and 6 inches in my old bedroom and bathroom because that part of the house is lower than the rest. they were loading all the stuff they could load into the truck to take with them to mamaw's house. the rest they put up in the attic. she said they had flood insurance, so she was hoping that would cover everything; but i just found out today that the insurance won't cover their contents. what the fuck? so all the new bedroom stuff they just bought for the guest room, the bathroom they just finished remodeling, the new carpet that was just put in, my great grandmother's dining room table and china cabinet are all ruined. and i have no idea what else. i hope they had enough time to move all the photos and the home movies. not to mention all of my dad's business files (his entire business is in that house), and his music equipment. we are supposed to be going to Chattanooga with them in october for a vacation. i hope it doesn't put them in too much of a monetary bind now.

this goddamn rain.
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