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you're innocent when you dream

been sick lately which means i've been having wild dreams again. my dreams always go crazy when i'm sick. this time i dreamed about a car wreck in which four teenage girls died. the girl in the driver's seat was the worst looking one with her jaw broken and split from her head. blood oozed out the sides of her now gigantic mouth. the two girls in the back seat were curled up into balls with panic on their lifeless faces. the girl in the passenger seat had one bare foot hanging out of the windshield. this wreck was in the middle of a parking lot of a mall, and people walked by aimlessly without even trying to help. i could see the girls' limbs twitching as they died, especially the one with the foot out the window. it was too late to save any of them, but nobody even tried. there were no police or medics around. everyone just walking past and trying not to look into the disgusting mess that used to be a car of teenagers. i tried not to look, but couldn't help staring at the girl's broken jaw.


then i dreamed that lexie and brasher came to charlotte to visit us. tony was at work still, and i had to meet them at some smoothie place. i had caesar (our dog) with me, so i couldn't go into the place. i told lexie to just order me an orange mocha tea shake (or something just as weird-sounding). then they both tried to get me to order something else because they were convinced it would be disgusting. i told them no, that actually it's really great. so they went in and got our drinks and we sat outside and talked. then i realized i had a presentation i was supposed to make for work in front of all of my coworkers and i had to leave.
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