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Rainy days and Mondays

Who cares what you think?

it's only me
18 August 1985
"you are a sly and ruthless individual who's always out for the benefit of yourself or your partners in crime. you'll gladly go along with any scheme or dare so long as you get to do something fun and evil. you'll cut any corner you can, which makes it hard to beat bad habits or succeed in artistic endeavors. your reputation as a troublemaker precedes you and works for you, letting you get away with a lot more since it's what people expect from you. you're perceived as amusing rather than malicious. milk that for all it's worth." ...oh yes, believe me, I WILL!!!
"i don't know", 80's cartoons, alice in wonderland, all that, allen ginsburg, andy warhol, antiques, are you afraid of the dark?, art, avant garde, barth, bass, beat writers, beatles, bikes, billy joel, black tea, bongos, books, boys who skate, brown eyes, calibretto, california dreams, cameras, chai, clarissa explains it all, clouds, coffee, conan o'brien, converse, cuddling, cute boys, dada, dark hair, david the gnome, double dare, drawing, drums, duke ellington, ella wheeler wilcox, england, eureeka's castle, farmhouse!, fluffy puff marshmallows, frank sinatra, fred penner's place, good movies, grimm's fairy tale classics, guitarists, hair gel, hands, harry connick jr., heathcliff, hey dude, hofner, holding hands, homestarrunner.com, hoodies, hugs, jack kerouac, jack the ripper, jackass, james dean, james franco, jesus, johnny knoxville, kids incorporated, kissing, kittens, langston hughes, lee harvey oswald, lewis carroll, literature, lucille ball, mapletown, marcel duchamp, maya the bee, monty python, mountain dew, movies, mr. wizard's world, muppets, musicians, musty old records, mxpx, nick at night, nickelodeon in the 80's, nighttime, oliver!, one reason, oscar wilde, patches, paul mccartney, people watching, pete & pete, peter cincotti, photography, photos, piercings, plaid, poetry, polaroids, pop art, popples, pro mark sticks, punk rock, radiohead, raffi, rainy days, ramones, red, relient k, safety pins, salute your shorts, samurai jack, short boys, silence, simon & garfunkel, singing, skateboards, skinny boys, soophie nun squad, starbucks, stars, straight-edge, strong bad e-mails, taking walks, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, text messaging, the cheshire cat, the elephant show, the littl' bits, the little prince, the monkees, the noozles, the strokes, thinking, today's special, tube socks, vespas, vinyl, walter richard sickert, weinerville, whipped cream, writing, you can't do that on television, young frankenstein